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With Meyer's Creek Masonry, you can expect a perfect masonry service for your property! If you live in and around the Belleville, ON area and need to know that your projects will be handled with the utmost care and produce perfect quality – you need to be on the phone with us and save the date for our appointment in your daily planner! Be prepared to receive the perfection you need!

Masonry Services

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Masonry Construction

Masonry Construction

Masonry construction should not be taken lightly or handled with little to no skills. It’s serious work and needs professionals if you’re unsure how to handle the details. We’re offering to be those professionals for you, so don’t worry, get in touch!
Concrete Masonry

Concrete Masonry

Do you know what’s so special about general or concrete block masonry? It’s the details and the fact that you’re getting complete stability with any structure. However, that’s true only if you work with us because we specialize in masonry and can help!
Small-Scale Excavation Services

Small-Scale Excavation Services

If you’re thinking about constructing a new structure on your property, you might want to think about the hole in the ground that’s more than necessary for the start of any project. For that, you will require our exceptional excavation services for small-scale projects!
Wet Tacking

Wet Tacking

You can think of wet tacking, like sealing a basement. If it’s flooded, you’ll want that problem to go away, so hire us and request our wet tacking skills. We’ll seal the flooded area so the rest of the property doesn’t suffer any damage! 

Get Everything Right With Ease

Since the world has advanced so much, receiving perfection without putting in a lot, or any, effort is easy. Maybe that’s not true for everything because some things are in your hands and your hands alone, but making your property beautiful should be passed over to a professional. For example, the construction of a masonry block wall is not something you take care of day-to-day, so you shouldn’t when your property requires it. Any general masonry work needs professionals because it’s the best thing you can offer yourself. You’ll have the extra time to ensure you get everything done, and the professionals you hire will take care of the larger projects that will adorn your property!

Consider the Skills We Provide

One of the considerations to bear in mind when hiring us is the skills we can provide for different jobs where masonry is concerned. Whether you’re interested in a masonry retaining wall for your property or want a team to deal with general projects you have in mind – you have to take note of our skills and experience in the field. We don’t mean to say that people can’t deal with projects themselves – we want everyone to consider how big a difference it makes working with trained professionals! Quality will not be something you’ll have to worry about because our skills have been praised by the public countless times before, and we want to share everything we know and work on your projects with the expertise they deserve!

More Areas We Serve

Serving a greater area does us good because it boosts our reputation among countless other customers, but that’s not our main reason behind expanding our services. We want to help people and provide them with the work they can’t do on their own but need to complete the appearance of their property and have everything stable and beautiful. Our line of work requires skill, and since we’ve trained for a while – we want more customers to take advantage of that!

  • Township Of Stirling-Rawdon, ON
  • Greater Napanee, ON
  • Napanee, ON
  • Deseronto, ON

Call Meyer's Creek Masonry and work with an impeccable masonry contractor on all the projects you have planned for your property in and around the Belleville, ON area. Trust in the skills of contractors who have trained restlessly and with vigour to become perfect. Trust in skills that have been honed for a long time, and believe that our experience and passion for masonry projects will be what you need to get everything for the perfection of your property! We will open our calendars and find the perfect date for you!

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Client Testimonials

by James Bowen on Meyer's Creek Masonry
Excellent Masonry Block Wall Work!

Brilliant masonry block wall work! Honestly - I thought it would be so difficult to get everything done myself, and I was within my right to think so. The work was extensive, and these guys did it so flawlessly and effortlessly because they had all the right skills and training!

Sofia Gutierrez
Sofia Gutierrez
Impressive masonry work! The masonry contractor skillfully enhanced our property's appearance. Their craftsmanship and choice of materials added charm and elegance to our home. Highly satisfied!
Bethany Lyttle
Bethany Lyttle
Had a fantastic experience with Zac and his crew from Meyer’s Creek Masonry. He responded very quickly to my inquiry and came out for a quote same day. He took the time to walk around the whole house and discuss the job thoroughly which included a chimney rebuild and repointing of our 1970’s brick house. He was honest about which work was needed and which repointing/work could wait so as to be budget conscious. We had received quotes from other companies who had suggested a lot more repointing (likely not necessary) and therefore a lot higher bill with his competitors. He got to the job in a timely fashion and around our busy summer schedule. He did a fantastic job matching the old brick despite it not being available locally. The finished repointing and chimney look amazing and he refused payment from me until I had a good look at everything and was happy with some details. His crew was lovely and respectful while here. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest Zac and Meyer’s Masonry to anyone looking for brick work!

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  • Masonry Construction
  • Concrete Masonry
  • Small-Scale Excavation Services
  • Wet Tacking
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