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We established our high-rate company, Meyer's Creek Masonry, in 2020, and every masonry contractor is happy to offer more than ten years of impeccable experience to residential and commercial customers. If you live in and around the Belleville, ON area and need perfection from the people you hire and a keen eye for exceptional details and results – turn your attention to us and make us the contractors to work on your projects!

Masonry Service

We’re Delicate and Diligent

Our masonry service will prove highly functional and practical. That’s because we offer a perfect process to go along with it. We work methodically to ensure we are as diligent as possible and every detail is impeccable. That’s how our reputation grew and how we guarantee you get exceptional results, which is the aspect we care about most in our line of work! 

We Want to Offer Our Values

Our values are not summarized with our referral discounts or the fact we hold a business license. We think of values as something completely different – values are what make us proper workers and help create a bond between us and our customers. Values people at ease and make them trust us and everything we offer. We believe a masonry contractor should gain the complete trust of customers before starting any work, and that’s how everyone at our company proceeds!

Call Meyer's Creek Masonry at (613) 243-0753 and request the top-rated masonry service we offer in and around the Belleville, ON area! We want you to bask in our knowledge and skill level. Masonry is no joke and not advised to do without the slightest idea about working with delicate material. Luckily, we’re trained to be perfect with every detail, and the goal is to get you exceptional results, no matter what project you have planned for us!

Services List

  • Masonry Construction
  • Concrete Masonry
  • Small-Scale Excavation Services
  • Wet Tacking
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